July 2010: Cleopatra – A New Ballet by Claude-Michel

Claude-Michel has composed the score for the new full-length ballet Cleopatra. He has been working with David Nixon, artistic director of Northern Ballet. David first talked to Claude-Michel four years ago with some ideas for a story line and a rough script. Then, after Marguerite, Claude-Michel set to work writing a kind of scenario in order to create a sound. When he played it to him, David decided he definitely wanted to do it. Claude-Michel has written 50% of the orchestrations, working with John Longstaff, who has also written the music down, and therefore the orchestrations will be co-signed.

Cleopatra will premiere at the Grand Theatre in Leeds on Sat 26 February 2011 and will go on a national tour, including Sadler’s Wells in May 2011. Further dates to be announced later.